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Interlift 2015

Cable replacement solutions

The 3G/2G gateways will be presented by Esse-TI (Italy) at the coming Interlift fair with specific reference to cable replacement solutions for CAN lift controllers.

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THE INTERNET OF THINGS REPRESENTS A NEW ERA of connectivity and in the coming years M2M services will be built into virtually any possible product in nearly every industry. Depending on the deployment under consideration, Esse-TI helps to identify and design solutions, focusing on the key components of an M2M-based architecture: the communication module or device; the connectivity or network services; the Cloud server or service delivery platform; the user application or system integration.

The Esse-ti M2M platform COM-Net has been specifically designed to make data transmission easier: a PC, terminal, or other object connected to the new or gateways through a serial port, is now capable to communicate remotely just like it was connected through a wireless cable.

The and gateways are a solution to connect remote CAN lift controllers (Photo: Esse-TI)

The COM-Net system allows users to connect remotely with devices equipped with EIA-232, EIA-485, and CAN, replacing traditional serial communication which is commonly performed locally (i.e. between peripherals and custom boards or between a PC-based proprietary application and a lift controller board). Setting up this system requires installing the company’s COM-Net PC Client software in the same PC which will be used for remote-monitoring.

At the lift side, a or gateway shall be connected to the serial port of the remote device to be controlled. The system allows to set up a remote two-way data communication. The data flow coming out of the remote device will be sent to the same application commonly used for local wired communication or to the a physical COM port of the computer.

The connection procedure requires to enter the SIM card telephone number associated with the remote or gateway into the PC Client. The company says, this eliminates any difficulties in locating remote devices not assigned to static IP addresses. The data connection is established by the COM-Net system on demand and the data is transferred via GPRS or over the 3G network in a transparent mode. This feature makes the gateways suitable for installer looking to monitor remotely their CAN lift controllers, performing maintenance service without traveling on-site and being alerted via SMS in case any malfunction should occur.

The gateways connected to the remote lift controller to be monitored, may also be used as a GSM gateway for voice transmission, by means of the dedicated plug or connector (i.e. they can be connected with the elevator emergency phone dialer) with no need to buy an additional SIM card. In case of Voice & Data transmission via GPRS, emergency calls always have priority over on-going data connections; the 3G network increases performances by allowing Voice & Data transmission simultaneously.

At the Interlift fair from 13 to 16 October in Augsburg, Germany, the companys shows the products in hall 3 / booth 3228.

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