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Freely programmable

Router for CAN FD and Classical CAN

The PCAN-Router FD from Peak-System (Germany) has two CAN channels that support the CAN FD standard in addition to Classical CAN.

The module is based on a ARM Cortex M4F micro-controller (Photo: Peak-System)

THE MODULE BEHAVIOR AND THE DATA EXCHANGE between the two CAN channels of the router are freely programmable. Thus, for example, a conversion of CAN to CAN FD and vice versa is possible and CAN FD applications can be integrated into existing Classical CAN networks.

Using the programming library and the GNU compiler for C and C++, a firmware is created and then transferred to the module via CAN. On delivery, the PCAN-Router FD is using a demo firmware whose source code is contained as example in the scope of supply. The router is available either with two D-Sub connectors or with a screw terminal strip. Besides CAN FD, the connectors have a digital I/O pin and an EIA-232 interface for additional control functions. The module is installed in an aluminum profile casing.

The router comes with a voltage supply from 8 V to 30 V and comes with an operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C. Within the scope of supply of the product are: CAN-Router FD in aluminum casing (optionally with DIN rail mounting), IPEH-002215 mating connector (Phoenix), Windows development software (toolchain with GCC ARM Embedded, flash program), as well as a library with programming examples, and the manual in PDF format.

Uploading firmware via CAN

The micro-controller in the PCAN-Router FD is equipped with updated firmware via CAN. The scope of supply includes the Windows program PCAN-Flash to transfer the firmware from the computer to the PCAN-Router FD. The following prerequisites must be given, so that the router can be updated with new firmware:

  • CAN interface of the PCAN series for the computer (e.g. PCAN-USB)
  • CAN cabling between the CAN interface and the PCAN-Router FD with proper termination (120 Ω on each end of the CAN network)
  • Operating system Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista (32-/64-bit)
  • If you want to update several PCAN-Router FD connected to the same CAN network, you must assign a unique ID to each router

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