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Railway router

Data-intensive communication on trains

With the NB3711 railway router, Netmodule presents a router especially designed for communication functions in railway traffic. It comes with a range of interfaces for the connection of on-board electronics and WLAN.

The railway router lets passengers use the Wifi (Photo: Netmodule)

AS ITS PREDECESSOR NB3710, THE NB3711 provides five robust M12 connectors and is certified according to railway standard EN 50155 TX (-40 °C to + 70 °C) and fire safety standard CEN TS 45545. The router enables train-to-wayside communication by combining up to four LTE modules. The selection of communication interfaces allows integration with the on-board electronics.

For passenger information and ticketing systems the device integrates an IBIS interface to establish a direct connection to the digital operational control system. Multiple LTE and WiFi connections enable the exchange of real-time data. Thanks to its port-based or tagged VLAN feature, the router can separate different application networks, thus avoiding interferences and guaranteeing dedicated communication paths.

Optional interfaces such as CAN, GSM-R and EIA-485 offer along with the interfaces EIA-232, Ethernet, and digital I/Os various possibilities for controlling the board equipment, for remote maintenance, and condition monitoring. The CAN interface enables a speed up to 1 Mbit/s, is galvanically isolated up to 1500 VDC, and has no internal bus termination.

With multiple LTE modules, the router can establish simultaneous connections, even to various network providers, thus bringing the Internet into the train. By means of WiFi access points based on the latest IEEE 802.11ac standard with a throughput of up to 450 Mbit/s, passengers can also surf the Internet.

All routers of Netmodule are based on a modular design. This allows an individual solution for every application. For example, an additionally integrated active GPS module enables precise localization of the vehicle, anytime. Also, if required, the routers can be equipped with an audio interface or VoIP to GSM gateway.

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