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Profinet gateway

Profinet connection

Helmholz (Germany) offers the PN/CAN gateway connecting CANopen and Profinet networks. The CANopen side provides NMT master functionality.

The PN/CAN gateway features a CANopen NMT master interface (Photo: Helmholz)

The Profinet interface of the gateway supports data-rates up to 100 Mbit/s. It is a conformance class B device. The CAN interface is specified for bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s. The CANopen implementations provides NMT master function, Sync producer/consumer capability, and supports EMCY, up to 16 PDOs per connected NMT slave device as well as SDO communication. Theoretically, up to 127 nodes can be connected.

The gateway can be integrated in the Profinet system (hardware configurator) by means of the GSDML file. The I/O data (mapped into PDOs on the CANopen side) is transparently displayed in a freely configurable manner and can be processed directly in the Profinet PLC. The configuration does not require handling of blocks or dedicated CANopen parameterization software. Of course, the system designer can configure the CANopen devices by means of SDO services, if desired, but it is not necessary.

The DIN-rail mountable device features USB connectivity for firmware updates and online diagnostics. Gateways with just CANopen NMT slave functionality are under development. The products can also be used with proprietary CAN solutions (so-called layer-2 approach). Since many years, the company also offers the DP/CAN gateway linking CAN-based networks to Profibus DP networks.


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