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CAN digitizer for weighing applications

The digitizer SGM700 series by Penko Engineering (Netherlands) is suitable for automatic and non-automatic weighing applications such as silos.

The digitizer range combines weighing techniques with cabinet building (Photo: Penko Engineering)

The series serves as an interface between a load cell and a data processing system, a controller or a PC. It offers a solution for connections of strain gage load cell based measuring with any supervisory and/or control system. The series consists of six digitizers with different communication options. They all are suitable for DIN-rail mounting and can be used as a stand-alone digitizer or as a buslink system. Up to 32 digitizers can be coupled in one buslink system.

As a standard, all models are provided with an EIA-485 and USB connection to facilitate setup and backup functions. Additional models include CAN, EIA-232/422, analog outputs (0/4 mA to 20/24 mA), Ethernet, and Profibus. The measuring speed of 1600 A/D samples per second, together with an internal resolution of 24 bits, provides the data transfer. All models are IP20 rated. They were shown at the Powtech 2016 in Nuremberg, from April 19 to 21.


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