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Octo Telematics (UK) has launched Inpulse, a telematics service for the management of off-highway vehicles such as construction, agricultural, and mining equipment.

(Photo: Octo Telematics)

Inpulse increases the data and analytics available to drivers, fleet owners, OEMs, and insurance companies for off-highway vehicles. It enables the collection of additional actionable data, detailed analysis, and immediate feedback from an integrated hardware solution with an expanded suite of sensors. The Green Box hardware element of Inpulse is the result of a collaboration between Octo Telematics and AMA (Italy), supplier of components for off-highway vehicles, and STE Industries (Italy), specialist in wireless sensor solutions.

Edwin Maria Colella, Octo Telematics Vice President, said: "Octo’s ability to collect and analyze telematics data is applicable to a wide range of sectors and we’re committed to innovating new services for the benefit of the other industries. In partnering with AMA and STE Industries, both leaders in their fields, we have been able to produce a unique and innovative telematics solution to the management of off-highway vehicles, driven by the need for cost optimization and the constant pursuit of technological innovation that a market like this requires.”

According to Octp Telematics, Inpulse is the only telematics solution for off-highway vehicles that can collect and handle the high levels of data that make it possible for owners and operators to make safe and informed decisions about their equipment. The use of telematics for off-highway vehicles improves the total cost of ownership, in particular in sectors such as construction, mining, industrial development, and agricultural equipment, whether for ownership or rental.

The Green Box is equipped with CAN, Isobus, and J1939 (Photo: Octo Telematics)

The solution has the ability to integrate and send information gathered from multiple sensors, whether wireless or wired, to the Octo Telematics data center for analysis, using Octo Telematics’ Kernel Module processor, which is integrated within the Green Box. The information is then made available to analytics partners (OEMs, fleet managers, insurance companies) for implementation.

The Green Box, which is a wireless gateway, is equipped with two CAN ports and integrates Isobus as well as J1939 stacks for connecting wired sensors to analyze data collected by the sensors and Micro.SP, a proprietary STE technology for wireless sensor fusion. In addition to optimizing energy consumption for both control units and wireless sensors, the gateway is able to send up to 10 years’ of data.

The Green Box control unit is capable of reading data from wireless sensors, and processing data through a micro-controller that relays inputs to a controller and/or to a dedicated display as well as to the cloud via an integrated modem. It is equipped with a sim-on-universal chip that allows remote activation and therefore avoids having to provide a sim dedicated to each service provider. This configuration is also equipped with a GPS module to the location of the vehicle, an accelerometer, and a gyro for inertial measurements and the inclination of the medium itself.

Connectivity to devices such a smartphones or tablets is ensured by a Bluetooth 4.1 BLE module, enabling the management of the machine and its data through dedicated APP customized for the application. The Inpulse control unit is designed to operate in extreme environments, thanks to the integration of the components and the antennas inside the box. The containers and the connectors are designed to achieve IP69K protection standards, which makes them resistant to high pressure and water jets. The control units are also equipped with four LEDs to monitor the status of various communication modules.


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