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CAN FD interface

Connecting to test bench computers

The Star Cooperation has added an interface card for connecting automotive bus systems with test bench computers: Flex Card PMC II now comes with a CAN FD extension for use in day-to-day testing.

The interface card Flex Card PMC II now comes with an extension for CAN FD (Photo: Star Cooperation)

The Flex Card PMC II, with its PMC format, has eight bus interfaces that can be utilized flexibly with plug-in bus driver modules. So far, these have been available for CAN HS, Ethernet, and Flexray, but the card’s capabilities have now been enhanced by a CAN FD extension.

Each CAN FD extension module comes with two CAN FD transceivers with a maximum data-rate of 5 Mbit/s for CAN FD transceiver. The applicable mode can be set up within the card’s driver, in which both the ISO as well as the non-ISO mode are supported for compatibility reasons.

For all the card’s interfaces (CAN, Flexray, Ethernet), a precise and synchronized time stamp is generated with a resolution of a microsecond. This enables the user to play the log data of different bus systems generated with this method with chronological synchronism. As before, it is possible to synch several Flex Cards PMC II through one trigger inlet. Also, BroadR-Reach networks can be connected via an external adapter.


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