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Multi-functional as gateway and bridge

The Ixxat CANnet NT 200 is a CAN-to-Ethernet gateway that allows users to connect CAN and Ethernet. With its two operating modes, it can be used as a CAN-Ethernet-CAN bridge and as a CAN-to-Ethernet gateway.

The product is equipped with two CAN interfaces (Photo: HMS)

The product comes in a black housing and is equipped with two CAN interfaces. One of the key features of the gateway – which is especially useful in e.g. building automation – is the ability to separate CAN networks that are distributed over large areas. It couples the CAN networks via a backbone Ethernet system, allowing existing infrastructures to be used. This segmentation also increases the reliability and stability of the overall system.

Designed for performance in harsh environments, another common application is remote access to CAN networks via Ethernet – e.g. in wind power plants or in the manufacturing sector. The gateway enables service staff to get access to plants all around the world, simplifying control, service, and monitoring of CAN-based plants.

Besides the bridge operation that links two CAN networks via Ethernet, the unit can also be directly accessed from Windows, Linux, VxWorks, or QNX-based systems as well as from embedded systems, by using a simple ASCII protocol over a TCP/IP socket. CANnet NT supports CAN bit-rates from 5 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s, as well as simultaneous use of 11-bit and 29-bit identifiers. The TCP/IP-based protocol ensures that no CAN messages are lost when transmitted over Ethernet. The device configuration is made via a Windows configuration tool. More variants of the product, including PC interface operation mode, four CAN channels, and CAN FD support, will soon be released.


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