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Online access to tachograph data

Continental offers the VDO DLD Wide Range II. It gives fleet operators direct access to a web-based service for the wireless transfer of data from the mass storage of the digital tachograph (DTCO) and from driver cards.

(Photo: VDO)

The device can be installed with a plug-and-play cable and it can be deployed immediately due to the integrated SIM card for mobile communication. The hardware is already fit for the future, with telematics functions such as position recording and vehicle diagnostics via CAN or other inputs. Customers also have online access to data, which makes local applications unnecessary.

Vehicles on assignments all over Europe only return occasionally to their home depots. With this device, long-distance haulage management can check if the company is complying with all statutory archiving deadlines. Data from mass storage devices and driver cards is downloaded automatically via GPRS (mobile phone network) on the basis of a predefined order list while the vehicle is out on the road. The company card stays in the office.

The DLD Wide Range II has a SIM card on board, making it ready for communication. Continental has reconfigured the hardware for this version. Thanks to the device’s 512 MiB storage capacity, additional CAN interfaces, and digital inputs and outputs, the product is ready for telematics functions that will soon become available. Examples are the analysis of driver availability and vehicle diagnostic information. Haulage companies can keep an eye on the exact locations of their trucks with the integrated GPS module.

The system is also compatible with the Wifi-based DLD Short Range II, which downloads data from vehicles when they return to the depot. That means that companies can switch to the wireless version where required, or equip individual vehicles in mixed fleets with the right device for long-range and short-range transport jobs. The fleet management can also add extra services at a later point in time, by means of FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air).

Another advantage of the product is that customers no longer have to install a local application –they can go online and use the web-based service by logging in to the server of the VDO TIS-Web fleet management system. “DLD WR II augments our fine-tuned family of digital tachographs and telematics applications with front end, back end and apps,” says Dr. Lutz Scholten, Head of tachographs, telematics, and services at Continental. “Haulage companies and dispatchers can now manage their fleets more efficiently.” The system also works with fleet management systems offered by other companies. It is available from VDO dealers.


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