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DC fast charging

Interface for battery management system

The Libal Fast Charge Interface (FCI) is an accessory to the battery management system product line designed by Lithium Balance. It provides an on-board interface between a vehicle and a fast charging system and is configured via CAN.

103,5 mm x 101,6 mm x 42,3 mm (Photo: Lithium Balance)

The interface is designed as an accessory to the Lithium Balance BMS product line, allowing the addition of DC fast charging capabilities from any Chademo- or GB/T-based fast charger to any vehicle battery managed by a Lithium Balance battery management system (BMS). The Chademo standard is mainly used in Japan, Europe, and USA; The GB/T standard in China.

The interface implements the physical and protocol level of the Chademo v 1.0.1 or GB/T standard. This includes all CAN frames required for fast charging as well as I/O ports for controlling high voltage contactors in compliance with the standard for DC fast charging. The interface communicates with the on-board BMS using a separate isolated CAN interface in order to conduct the DC fast charging in compliance with the operational limits set by the BMS. The device has two CAN ports with data-rates of 125 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s. The functionality of the Libal Fast Charge Interface can be configured using the Lithium Balance PC configuration tool via CAN. The interface comes in an IP67 enclosure offering a robust automotive graded connector and accessible mounting for fast integration on the vehicle.

The Danish company Lithium Balance was founded in 2006 with the specific purpose of developing effective battery management system for lithium-ion batteries. The company’s vision is to take part in reducing some of the world’s environmental problems by facilitating more CO2-friendly means of transportation than the traditional fossil fuels driven vehicles.


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