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CANopen option card for HMIs

The G3CN is a CANopen option card for Red Lion’s G3 series of operator interface terminals. Its digitally isolated CANopen port is capable of communicating with any CANopen device.

The option card’s CANopen port may be configured for various CANopen protocols (Photo: Red Lion)

The G3CN proprietary expansion slot provides a high speed, parallel architecture that extends the functionality and flexibility of the HMI G3 series. The option card is installed by removing the rear cover of the G3 operator interface, attaching the card using three screws, and connecting a single cable. Adding this card gives the operator interface a CANopen communication port. It is built with digital isolation and provides the ability to communicate with any high speed CANopen device. The G3CN option board has a termination resistor built-in, and is selectable through a jumper setting.

A connector housing is provided to function as a strain relief for the wires that terminate into the five position connector. The connector is pluggable for removal of the G3 operator interface from CANopen, without disturbing communications with other devices on the network. Users should not use the controller to directly command motors, valves, or other actuators not equipped with safeguards. To do so can be potentially harmful to persons or equipment in the event of a fault to the controller.

The G3CN is configured using Crimson software. Crimson is available as a free download from the company, or it can be ordered on CD. Updates to Crimson for new features and drivers are posted on the website as they become available. The G3CN option card has one CANopen port, which may be configured for various CANopen protocols.


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