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Multiple ports

Routing of CAN messages

The CAN switch box by Comemso is used to disconnect bus-cables in the vehicle. It is suitable for testing purposes, for example.

Multiple CAN ports allow to break-out a CAN network interposing test computers (Photo: Comemso)

The German company Comemso provides test services for carmakers and other vehicle manufacturers. The developed CAN switch is used to interpose a computer system by means of a router in an existing CAN connection (gateway mode). The monitoring function is available as an additional mode. Running in normal mode, the CAN line is switched without being connected to the computer. All modes can be coupled with the emergency stop function, which, if triggered, causes the “open” state.

The switch operates with 10 VDC to 16 VDC. The device can be controlled directly on TTL-level or 12-V level. All CAN channels are terminated by means of an integrated 120-Ohm resistor, which can be switched-off. The products are available with different CAN connectors.


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