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USB-CAN gateway

Plug-and-play in harsh environments

Dewesoft USB-CAN interfaces with plug-and-play functionality need no configuration. The CAN interfaces support transmitting and receiving CAN data at a full speed of 1 Mbit/s per each channel.

3 Sirius If (8 CAN interfaces) together with a Sirius (8 STGM DAQ) instrument in action (Photo: Dewesoft)

All CAN channels of Dewesoft’s USB-CAN interfaces are isolated for use in noisy environments and for maximum signal quality. Robust housing made out of a single block of aluminum provides ruggedness and assures operation in harsh environments. All CAN instruments are IP65 rated and operate in a -20 °C to +60 °C temperature range.

Bundled with Dewesoft X Software, the CAN interfaces are data recorders suitable for in-vehicle measurements. The system offers CAN recording, storing, and analysis; online monitoring and decoding of CAN messages; a visual display for displaying CAN data; and online math and analysis of CAN channels. Additional features are DBC file decoding; OBDII on CAN, J1939, and J1587 support, and CAN output.

The CAN interfaces come installed with a synchronization port, which allows for hardware synchronization with other Dewesoft DAQ instruments like Sirius, Krypton, or Dewe-43. CAN interfaces can be extended to add time and position information to the recorded CAN messages for easier post processing and/or video information with DS-CAM or any other supported cameras. Of course all sources are synchronized.

Dewesoft, headquartered in Slovenia, is a total solution company that manages its entire business process in-house; from hardware design, manufacturing and software development to sales, marketing and support.


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