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Software for CAN converter

Axiomatic has released a CAN-Ethernet Support Package for developing application software when working with its AX140900 CAN/Ethernet converter.

The CAN-Ethernet converter (Photo: Axiomatic)

The CAN-Ethernet Support Package (SSP) is a set of software modules and examples for users of the AX140900 Ethernet-CAN converter. It is written in a standard C programming language. The modules provide support for the Axiomatic Proprietary Communication and Discovery Protocols. The Communication Protocol transmits CAN messages over the Ethernet TCP/IP network and the Discovery Protocol locates the converter on the LAN. The SSP is useful for programming embedded systems and for application programming in Windows or Linux.

The AX140900 converts CAN frames into UDP or TCP IP datagrams and sends them over the Ethernet network. The device can also convert UDP or TCP datagrams into CAN frames. It supports high-speed CAN with a bit-rate of up to 1 Mbit/s and 100 Mbit/s Ethernet. All standard and extended CAN frames, including data and remote frames, are supported. The power can be passed through to the CAN port. Protection is provided. To ensure low latency in processing CAN and Ethernet messages, the converter software runs under the control of a real-time operating system.

The converter is designed to work on off-road machinery or in harsh industrial environments with power transients, high humidity, and vibrations. It can be used out-of-the box without the SSP for interfacing between Ethernet devices and the machine’s CAN network. One or more converters can be installed depending on the number of CAN networks in the system.

The converter contains a web server to setup configuration parameters and monitor the internal state of the converter using a web browser. The user can remotely monitor and configure Axiomatic CAN-based controllers over the Internet using the CAN-Ethernet converter together with the Axiomatic EA and CAN-Scope software. The company calls this service tool EA-Connect. Other Axiomatic connectivity products include the Ethernet Switch as well as the CAN-Bluetooth and CAN-Wifi converters. You can find the company at the IFPE/Conexpo 2017 at booth S83240.


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