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J1939 protocol converter

For CAN-to-Modbus-RTU gateway

ICP DAS has released the GW-7228 gateway. It translates J1939 messages to Modbus-RTU frames.

Block diagram of a connection between a CAN-based J1939 network and a Modbus-RTU controller (Photo: ICP DAS)

The GW-7228 hardware provides a CAN interface and a Modbus-RTU port. The product’s software translates J1939 messages to Modbus frames. It allows data communication between Modbus-RTU and J1939 devices. The gateway supports PDU1, PDU2, broadcast and destination specific type of J1939 messages. The Modbus-RTU master can request data from J1939 devices that are able to monitor the status of engines. The J1939 application profile is used mainly for engine management systems in commercial vehicles. Other applications include truck-trailer connections, fleet management systems, on board diagnostics, vehicle automation, and other in-vehicle networks. With the GW-7228 utility software the user can configure the parameters to be mapped to messages on both sides of the gateway. Entered J1939 parameters will automatically convert to Modbus registers.


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