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Codesys for gateways

Codesys by 3S supports CAN and CAN FD gateways by Peak. The provided software is used to serve the Codesys environment in conjunction with the runtime system.

Codesys support for PCAN gateway products (Photo: Peak)

The IEC 61131-3 compliant Codesys programming environment and runtime system supports the PCAN-Ethernet Gateway DR and the PCAN-Wireless Gateway DR. According to Christoph Schoen, both products can be used with the Codesys Gateway and the Control Win (version 3) software packages. Due to the integrated PCAN-Basic API (application programming interface), this communication can also take place via CAN. For example, a Codesys application program can be transferred and debugged from a Windows-PC via CAN to an embedded controller. Furthermore, the Codesys CANopen or J1939 protocol stacks or any other CAN layer-2 application can also be tested on a Windows-PC by the integration of the PCAN-Basic API in the Codesys Control Win V3 software module.

“Furthermore, the Codesys Control RTE application currently works with the dual-channel versions of the PCAN-PCI and the PCAN-PCI Express,” wrote Christoph Schoen in LinkedIn, a social network platform. “In the future, the PCAN-PCI Express FD is also to be supported.” The real-time SoftPLC Codesys Control RTE directly accesses the hardware and has been developed for real-time critical applications. In addition, SocketCAN, a collection of CAN drivers, runs under Codesys Control for Linux. This means that all CAN and CAN FD interfaces of Peak-System can be used under Linux with Codesys software. In the near future, 3S will support CAN FD connectivity in its PLC software.


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