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Trailer ECU

Connecting the trailer to the in-vehicle CAN

Jaeger Automotive (Germany) has developed an ECU for passenger car trailers. It allows to check the lighting without leaving the car.

The CFC kit is suitable to control the lighting and other trailer functions (Photo: Jaeger Automotive)

The CAN-based communication between truck and trailer is standardized in the ISO 11992 series since the beginning of this millennium. The interface between passenger cars and trailers was still discrete. Now, Jaeger Automotive has introduced its CFC (CAN Frequency Control) technology. It comprises an installation kit for trailer control and function monitoring. The electronic control unit (ECU) is connected to the CAN-based in-vehicle networks of the passenger car. The micro-controller based unit controls all functions of the trailer, especially the lighting. This includes the rear, brake, reversing and fog lights as well as the left and right turn indicators. Additionally, the CFC controls and supports comfort functions such as trailer indicator monitoring and displays mal-functions on the driver’s display.

Another option is the T-ESP (trailer electronic stability program) functionality. The yaw rate sensor of the towing vehicle permanently monitors the stability of the trailer during travel. If this starts to sway at high speed, the system detects the hazard potential and sends pulses to the ABS (anti-lock brake system) in good time. The brakes are applied smoothly and in a controlled manner at the right moment to stabilize the trailer.

This CAN-connectable trailer unit is not yet internationally standardized. But the CFC kit can be installed in a few steps according to the supplier.


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