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GNSS/INS device outputs optionally data via CAN

The RT1003 from OxTS (Great Britain) is a single-box GNSS/INS system. It comes with cables, antennas, and the Navsuite software.

The GNSS/INS device measures just 142 mm x 77 mm x 41 mm (Photo: OxTS)

GNNS/INS (Global Navigation Satellite System/Inertial Navigation System) solutions combine accelerator values with satellite signals. The benefit is that the measured acceleration is calibrated by means of the GPS position. The RT1003 is a dual-antenna receiver. It is designed to test ADAS (advanced driver assistant system) systems, for example. The size and weight of 0,435 kg make it suitable for test with dummy pedestrian and VRU (Voice Response Unit) testing. The product is exhibited on the Automotive Testing Expo Europe.

The RT1003 has dual GNSS receivers (GPS and GLONASS capable) for accurate, stable heading even during slow maneuvers like during the Euro NCAP pedestrian tests. The device can achieve 2-cm RTK positional accuracy and outputs real-time data over CAN or other interfaces with low latency. It comes with a driving robot interface making it suitable for use with AB Dynamics driving robots. Additionally, it features 10-g (optional 30-g) accelerometers. Like all other GNSS/INS products from the British provider, the launched product can be upgraded at any time and is shipped with all necessary cables and antennas. The delivery includes the Navsuite configuration, data analysis and reporting software.


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