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Automotive gateway

Supports several communication technologies

Published 2017-09-07

Silver Atena (Germany) has developed a gateway, which provides among other bus systems CAN FD. It can run under Linux.

The gateway features local I/O ports including PWM outputs (Photo: Silver Atena)

Silver Atena, a daughter company of Assystems, develops electronic control units (ECUs) for the automotive industry and other markets. Recently, the company introduced a gateway with local analog and digital I/O ports. The product comes with multiple communication interfaces including Automotive Ethernet, CAN FD, Flexray, LIN, Sent, and PSI5. The power supply range from 6 V to 36 V supports a range of applications. The gateway is based on an ARM processor and can run Linux.

The company presents the gateway at the IAA tradeshow in Frankfurt (September 11 to 15) and at the VDI congress ELIV in Bonn (October 18 and 19). The product can route messages and signals between the different communication systems and the local I/Os. Due to the local processing capability, the gateway can also supervise the routing and can pre-process the data.