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Display and gateway

Provides 4G/LTE and CAN connectivity

Tomtom has launched the Bridge Hub device comprising display and gateway functionality. The router can be connected to smart phones and tablets.

The CAN interface of the Bridge Hub allows to use in-vehicle network data (Photo: Tomtom)

The Bridge Hub is packed with features such the latest Tomtom navigation, real-time maps, and the company’s real-time traffic information. Customers can integrate their tailor-made solutions, as well. The built-in CAN and 4G/LTE connectivity allows connecting not only with the driver and the back office, but also to the vehicle itself in real-time. The device gives design flexibility, with three different hardware flavors to ensure a fit-for-purpose solution for a variety of technical architectural implementations. The Mirrorlink option enables aftermarket solutions.

The ecosystem is also widening whereas for example Zebra Technologies, supplying rugged mobile computers and barcode scanners. The company is showcases a solution at IAA 2017 in Frankfurt (Germany) to demonstrate how the Bridge Hub offers customers connected navigation and dedicated business applications, delivering relevant vehicle information to operate their business on rugged mobile computers. “Our mission is to empower greater visibility and productivity through our innovative products and enterprise asset intelligence solutions. Our partnership with Tomtom allows us not only to bring the state-of-the-art navigation to Zebra devices but also to bring connected mobility solutions to a whole new level,” said Jason Harvey from Zebra Technologies.


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