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Making implements Isobus-compatible

According to B-Plus with their Isobus gateway solution, implement manufacturers will be able to make existing systems Isobus-compatible without incurring high development costs.

The gateway provides two CAN interfaces: one is compliant with ISO 11783 and the other is implement-specific (Photo: B-Plus)

The gateway provides an ISO11783-compliant interface certified by AEF. It implements the b-Isobus protocol stack. The product enables communication with tractor via Isobus. The second CAN-based interface enables connection to an existing machine control system. The gateway can be configured via the b-Isobus tool running on a PC. The user designs their object pool, e. g. with the ISO-Designer from Jetter. This is then loaded into the gateway together with the settings for the Isobus-specific signals.

The protocol for the second, implementation-side CAN interface can also be configured with this tool and thus offers the attachment manufacturer the integration of the gateway into its existing CAN architecture. In order to meet the different display sizes and key variations of the numerous terminals on the market, the b-Isobus protocol stack used can scale the resolution and integrate different key arrangements.


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Kvaser Sontheim