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Modular gateway

With four CAN FD ports

The Cannect gateway by Canway (Germany) is a modular device with multiple Classical CAN and LIN interfaces. An extension module features CAN FD connectivity.

The CAN FD extension module fits into the Cannect gateway and is configurable regarding the forwarding of data to the other interfaces (Photo: Canway)

The CW-921 extension module supports ISO as well as non-ISO CAN FD and LIN. It can be integrated into the Cannect gateway base module. The launched module features four CAN FD ports and several discrete digital and analog interfaces. The forwarding and filtering of messages and signals is configurable by means of a tool provided by the supplier.

Applications for the modular gateway include test benches to control different test objects and in vehicles to integrate control units and sensors in an existing group of networks. Options to generate signals and messages including bus backups enable the possibility to simulate ECU prototypes.

The configuration software can read several bus description file formats (LDF, DBC, A2L, etc.). It is possible to route the messages, signals, and measured quantities between the ports. This routing is configured by means of drag-and-drop functionality. Each message and signal can be used for calculations or to trigger other messages. It is also possible to implement filters between different bus systems.

The integrated formula editor offers operations to manipulate the individual signals (e.g. arithmetic operations, bit operations and comparisons, magnitude and delta functions as well as to calculate the minimum and maximum values of signal groups). In addition, using appropriate commands in the formula editor it is possible to configure CRC and checksum calculations (e.g. for Autosar), which can then be processed autonomously in the device. It is possible to retrieve key value pairs regarding runtime via lookup tables to use for manipulation purposes. As a consequence, the extensive range of functions of the formula editor offers the option to simulate ECUs or create rest-bus simulations. The gateway also supports the CAN-based XCP protocol (Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol). It is able to take over the entire communication with the remote XCP station. XML-based data such as ARXML and Fibex for input are also supported. The gateway provides an Ethernet port compliant to IEEE 802.3 for configuration purposes.


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