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Collecting data from multiple sources

Published 2018-02-06

The device is designed to support on-the-move M2M/IoT applications seamlessly on satellite and GSM networks. It is robust and built to be used in mobile machinery.

The T2M-Dual device by Thuraya tracks and monitors remotely sensor data as well as from the CAN-based in-vehicle networks (Photo: Thuraya)

The GSM-to-CAN gateway can be integrated in in-vehicle networks. It is designed for use in heavy-duty vehicles. The product provides built-in features such as geo-fencing, network selection based on least cost routing, internal battery backup, and collecting sensor data. With its dual-mode capabilities, the gateway ensures that connectivity is automatically maintained as assets move between regions covered by GSM and those that lie beyond the confines of cellular networks - under the coverage of company’s satellite network.

Rashid Baba from Thuraya said: "Our resilient network and IoT services already have a strong foothold across verticals that require high-security connectivity for remote, mission-critical operations. The T2M-Dual solution caters to these sectors' evolving needs and we are confident that it's well-placed to meet the market demands." The solution diversifies the company's growing M2M portfolio. Its advanced capabilities serve a different set of requirements than the previously released solutions, the FT2225 and the IP M2M service.