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Trailer system with telematics

For fleet management applications

Peterson (USA) has introduced the CAN-based Pulse system. It controls the real-time status of the trailer and alerts the driver and fleet manager via Bluetooth respectively cellular communication.

The trailer system links the CAN-based network to telematics (Photo: Peterson)

There are several activities to link truck and trailers to telematics. In Germany, DIN has started to standardize the CAN communication between body applications and telematics (DIN 4630). Peterson, a U.S. company, has already introduced a CAN-based solution for trailers. Engineered specifically for fleet trailers, Pulse is not only for vital trailer systems for lights, ABS brakes, tire pressure, cargo temperature, and more, but also alerts drivers and fleet managers via Bluetooth and cellular communications.

“The product brings trailers up to speed with today’s smartest trucks,” said Peterson’s Director of Engineering, Cory Adams. “By signaling trailer issues as they happen, Pulse enhances the safety of driver and cargo, and helps avoid road incidents, CSA violations, and costly fines.” The company developed the system in partnership TPMS/ABS and telematics companies. The system features Peterson’s LumenX LED lighting package and the harness-building expertise of the company’s Maxi-Seal division. All CAN-connectable devices are sealed, vibration tested, and built for long life. Compared to the heavy, multi-wire cabling of traditional harnesses, the used twisted-pair cabling is lighter weight, flexible, and installation friendly.

The cabling links front and rear control modules, system sensors, and communication components. “It’s like an information super highway,” Adams said. “Whether a trailer is parked or underway, our system enables real-time monitoring of all trailer systems—anytime, anywhere. There’s even a backup battery to power the system whether or not the trailer is connected to the tractor.”

With a mobile device, a driver can do pre-trip walk-around inspections to check for issues with any trailer system. On the road, the system detects any issues and sends alerts via Bluetooth to the driver’s smart phone or tablet. Alerts can also be sent to fleet managers via a cellular network.

The Peterson Manufacturing Company is headquartered in the greater Kansas City area. It comprises nine companies and nearly 1 000 associates working in global transportation-related industries. The company operates since 1945.


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