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On-board unit

For V2X communication

The 5th generation V2X system from Cohda Wireless, the MK5 OBU is ready to be used in large scale field trials, aftermarket deployments, or serve as a reference design for automotive production.

The unit comes with CAN interfaces (Photo: Cohda Wireless)

The fifth-generation on-board unit is a rugged module that can be retrofitted to vehicles. It exchanges data at high speeds over extended distances, providing reaction times to potential hazards and safety-critical scenarios. In challenging outdoor conditions where no line-of-sight is available, its radio performance is unmatched. The product is based on the automotive-grade Roadlink chipset developed by Cohda in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors.

The unit is compliant with European and US vehicle‑to‑vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure standards. It is based on Cohda‘s own 802.11p Access Layer. The optional Software Development Kit allows users to develop their own applications and customize the system. The GNSS positioning system incorporates optional dead reckoning sensors and supports multiple satellite constellations simultaneously. An optional security co-processor provides hardware acceleration for message signing and tamper-proof private key storage.

The MK5 has an embedded multi-core 1‑GHz Cortex‑A9 processor running Linux 3.10.17 with a CAN interface and other communication ports. It measures 130 mm x 120 mm x 35 mm and comes with an operating temperature of -40 °C to +85 °C. An optional expansion card with a second CAN interface is available.


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