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LTE-ready ARM Linux IIoT gateways with CAN

Moxa introduced their UC-2100, UC-3100, and UC-5100 series. These industrial-grade computers are integrated ARM-based Linux platforms that include Moxa Industrial Linux (MIL) and optional Thingspro Gateway data-acquisition software.

The series feature connects CAN to 4G LTE (Photo: Moxa)

To meet the varied requirements of embedded data acquisition and processing applications, equipment used in an industrial environment often needs to be able to operate in harsh conditions while installed in a cabinet with limited space available. The 4G LTE technology can provide massive speed improvements, but also results in increased heat generated by the 4G LTE components.

To provide reliable 4G LTE connectivity in challenging environments, Moxa’s UC Series IIoT gateways are available in models that can operate in a range of operating temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +75 °C and are backed by a 5-year hardware warranty. They are also available in sizes as 50 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm so they can fit into a control cabinet. Beyond 4G LTE connectivity, UC series IIoT gateways also offer a range of other interface options to meet the requirements of any project, including a CAN network.

The solution uses ARM Cortex processors, which are optimized for performance and power efficiency: “The combination of high-performance computing, low power, and the widest software ecosystem ensure that ARM Cortex processors are at the heart of IoT gateways,” said Phil Burr, Director of Portfolio Product Management, ARM. “The Moxa UC series of gateways further extend ARM’s leadership in this area, providing industrial-grade intelligence at the edge in power budgets under 10 W.”

Moxa Industrial Linux (MIL) is a high-performance, industrial-grade Linux distribution developed by Moxa designed to help accelerate industrial projects. MIL provides a container-based virtual-machine-like middleware abstraction layer between the OS and applications. The software middleware allows multiple isolated systems to run on a single control host so that system integrators and engineers can change the behavior of an application without worrying about software compatibility.

Equipped with MIL, the product series offer a platform for an array of IIoT edge computing scenarios. Furthermore, to address the needs of long-term software used for the power, water, oil and gas, transportation, and building automation industries, MIL provides 10-year long-term Linux support with ecurity fixes.

Moxa’s Thingspro Gateway software provides Modbus data acquisition, LTE connectivity, MQTT communication, and cloud client interfaces such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, enabling integration of edge data into cloud services for large-scale IIoT deployments. For those who need more customized solutions, Thingspro Gateway includes C and Python APIs to speed up application development.


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