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Automotive Testing Expo 2018

CAN FD-compatible diagnostic interface

The VCI-Muxdiag-3 by Exxotest (France) is a versatile PC interface. It is particularly suitable for communication analysis and diagnostics applications on multi-bus vehicle architectures.

The product’s design allows to accompany the users missions in development, validation, optimization, diagnostic, and maintenance of embedded systems (Photo: Exxotest)

The product is compatible with the following communication channels: Classical CAN, CAN FD, LIN, and more. The dimensions of 131 mm x 65 mm x 25 mm make it possible to transport the product for use in various locations and environments. This can be for example: test laboratories, production sites, maintenance workshops, on-board a vehicle, etc.

Versions for roll-out are planned in the second half of 2018. This shall offer new functionalities, data-logging, running of embedded scripts, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GSM communication. This product was presented exclusively at the occasion of the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018.


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Kvaser Sontheim