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IoT gateway

CAN interface supports J1939

The fanless PL-81880 in-vehicle computer by Win Enterprises (USA) designed for fleet management system (FMS) applications.

The IoT gateway comes optionally with GPS module (Photo: Win Enterprises)

From an IoT (Internet of Things) perspective, a vehicle is similar to an industrial manufacturing facility. It has sensors and actuators much like you would find on a manufacturing line and, likewise, a huge amount of data is generated by these devices. This data can be routed and consolidated into the PL-81880, serving as an IoT gateway. Using wireless communications, data is sent to servers in the “cloud” for analyses and decision making by the fleet owner.

The PL-81880 computer features a Vortex86 processor (system-on-chip), a 2-GiB onboard memory, and EiA-232, Ethernet, and USB interfaces. The CAN link supports SAE J1939 protocols. Additionally, the computer provides local analog and digital I/O ports. Depending on the software implemented on the gateway, both informatics and business data can be tracked.


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