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CANopen interface module

Connecting up to 16 weighing scales

Dini Argeo (Italy) provides a CANopen interface unit, which communicates net and gross weight, weight status, as well as error conditions to the host controller.

CANopen interface unit with calibration and configuration capabilities (Photo: Dini Argeo)

The Italian company is specialized in the production of weighing systems. With their mechanical, electronic, and IT knowledge, Dini Argeo offers solutions in the area of mechatronics, ranging from mobile weighing systems to scales for commercial and industrial use. This includes a range of components, electronic solutions, and software, for industrial automation, and systems integration. In 2016, Rice Lake Weighing Systems acquired it.

Up to 16 scales can be connected to the CANopen network (Photo: Dini Argeo)

The CANopen interface module functions as a hub for up to 16 weighing scales. It forwards net and gross weight values. The tare of the weighing scale is given, as well. Additionally, it provides the weight status for example stable or unstable measurements as well as error indications for example over- or under-loads. The unit with NMT slave functionality features calibration and configuration capabilities. It comes in a DIN-rail mountable housing. The CAN interface supports bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s as specified in CiA 301. On the scale side the gateway provides an EIA-485 interface running 9,6 kbit/s to 115,2 kbit/s.


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