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IAA 2018

Connectivity between truck and crane

Fassi Gru (Italy) shows at IAA 2018 its solution to control several truck functions from the crane remote control and vice versa.

The FX-Link system with CAN interface eliminates the need for connections of different control devices on both the truck and crane (Photo: Fassi Gru)

A crane and vehicle made whole: This is the result of a development by Fassi Gru in collaboration with Volvo Trucks (Italia). The results are presented during the 67th edition of the IAA in Hanover (Germany) on stand 51 of the Fassi group in the outdoor area “M”. The launched FX-Link system optimizes connectivity between the crane and truck. Its purposes are to give the driver better and quicker feedback on the state of the crane, when behind the wheel of the truck. This includes the integrating of information into the vehicle's dashboard. Additionally, the CAN-connectable system enhances the capabilities of the remote control as an operating tool in crane handling.

With FX-Link, information will be exchanged in both directions, from the crane to the truck and vice versa. Switching the truck off and on, setting the engine speed, limiting the air suspension, switching on the headlights and other warning lights, activating the horn and activating the parking brake are all controls available on the crane's remote control. Meanwhile, the interface on the truck dashboard warns the driver when the crane outriggers fail to close and of any height-related obstructions.

The FX-Link system can be installed on all Volvo FH, FM and FMX vehicles equipped with a CAN gateway.


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