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J1939 IoT router

Connecting vehicles with the cloud

Sierra Wireless has announced analytics and reporting for cloud-based vehicle fleet operations. This includes the Airlink MP70 router coming with a J1939 interface.

The Airlink MP70 features Gigabit Wifi, Gigabit-Ethernet, celluar phone, and LTE connectivity (Photo: Sierra Wireless)

The Airlink MP70 router enables the communication of J1939 or OBDII data to the cloud. The supplier of this product offers also cloud services. This Airlink Management Service – Advanced Reporting and Analytics (Alms Ara) services enable organizations to manage their vehicle fleets using Sierra Wireless’ industry-leading Airlink gateways, routers, and cloud-based management platform.

Alms Ara offers the same core device configuration, over-the-air (OTA) software updates and monitoring capabilities as Alms predecessor, but adds an improved reporting and analytics engine as well as pre-defined reports. The first release of includes reports that help managers of small-to-medium sized fleets gain insight into their vehicle fleet operations, including vehicle stops and trips, driver behavior, speeding and harsh acceleration incidents, and vehicle engine faults for proactive maintenance.

“Public safety, utilities and field service organizations are looking for a simple platform to collect actionable data from their fleets to transform and optimize operations,” said Tom Mueller from Sierra Wireless. “With the addition of advanced reporting and analytics, our customers can use their trusted Airlink networking solution to provide business insights in addition to secure, managed LTE connectivity.”

Customers using Airlink MP70 router with CAN-based diagnostic interface (OBDII/J1939) can use the cloud services to get cloud-based access to vehicle telemetry data. The LTE-Advanced Pro interface supports 600-Mbit/s downlink and 150-Mbit/s uplink speeds. This enables applications like HD real-time video streaming, and passenger Wi-fi. The router also supports the 700-MHz Band 14. It is designed for uninterrupted operation in harsh mobile environments, said the supplier.


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