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Turning vehicles into connected cars

ERM launched Starlink Tracker. It is a complete connected car unit, which integrates advanced vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring, theft prevention, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4 G capabilities in one device. A CAN interface is optionally available.

The company has already received its first orders to supply the product from customers in the United States, India, and Australia (Photo: ERM Advanced Telematics)

The telematics product is the first under the company’s wireless connect strategy, which aims to use wireless technologies to provide its partners. The solution is designed for installation both in vehicles on the production line and in the aftermarket, for vehicles that have left the production line. Add-on products provided by ERM or by a third party can be added. This can be done on demand and without any need to replace the device, which keeps functioning as the central tracking and communications unit.

If required, it is possible to extend the solution with a CAN interface and enable users to receive alerts on the information transmitted between the various sensors and the vehicle's computing units. The company is also able to implement any other protocol on request, for example J1939.

The device can be installed using the user's smartphone, which communicates through Bluetooth connection in order to configure the product and perform any required adaptations. It is equipped with a microphone and loudspeaker to initiate and receive calls and dial emergency numbers. The unit allows conversation between the vehicle's occupants and the emergency center, who can hear what is happening in the vehicle and identify events such as threats against the driver or accidents.

The 120-g product also provides information about the driver's behavior, including careless driving, accidents, off road driving, acceleration during turns, speed violations. It also creates Wi-Fi hotspots in the vehicle for up to eight devices. It features 4 G cellular modem, GPS/Glonass/Galileo location module and an ability to navigate inside underground parking lots or in mines; internal antennas, emergency button support, and built-in data-logger.

Other capabilities are internal management of up to 500 driver IDs and remote immobilization. Its 4 G capability enables broadband communication for applications such as listening to online music, videos, or browsing the web.


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