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Connecting vehicles to the “clouds”

The possibility to monitor vehicles remotely by analyzing data gathered on the CAN networks opens new opportunities for every player along the value chain.

Customized dashboards and widgets for monitoring (Photo: TTControl)

Janosch Fauster and Andrea D’Achille explain in their “Connecting vehicles to the ‘clouds’” article how fleet owners can benefit from connecting their vehicles to “cloud” services. “The TTConnect Cloud Service can be integrated seamlessly into existing electronic architectures of machinery, enabling remote access to all data available on the vehicle’s CAN networks. This includes traditional engine data such as engine rotation per minute, load or fuel consumption, but also additional diagnostic information gathered from electronic control units (ECU), hydraulic systems, and sensors. To achieve this, TTConnect Wave, a ruggedized IoT gateway suitable for harsh environments typical for off-highway vehicles, is installed on the machinery and connected to the CAN networks.

Ruggedized IoT gateway (Photo: TTControl)

The gateway collects data and redirects them to the ‘cloud’. This web portal is accessible anywhere, anytime, and from any web-enabled device, allowing the user to visualize and analyze all collected data.” The IoT gateway acts independently from the ECUs installed on the vehicle and therefore can be retrofitted easily. It provides GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ connectivity, is currently licensed for 35 European countries and North America (USA and Canada) and can be connected to the in-vehicle CAN network.

Download the complete article in PDF format here or the full magazine.


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