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Added CAN (FD) and LIN network interfaces for PCIe

Vector presented its latest network interface: the VN1530. Four onboard channels and two additional piggybacks which can be used flexibly are provided. Channel combinations for interfacing to CAN (FD), LIN, and more are possible.

(Photo: Vector)

The VN1530 is a 6-channel network interface for accessing Classical CAN, CAN FD, and LIN networks over the PCIe interface. The interface satisfies the growing need for more channels, especially at test benches, test PCs and in rack use.

The product comes with functions for analysis, simulation, and testing of ECUs, sensors, and gateways. Among other things, these functions enable remaining bus simulations, measurement of communication data, end-of-line tests, and flashing. A transport protocol accelerator is also available for CAN. Developers can use the device for such purposes as running extended LIN stress tests, e.g. LIN 2.1 conformance tests.

For users of multiple devices, the VN1530 offers the added advantage of permitting synchronization of multiple devices and different bus systems such as CAN (FD), LIN, Flexray, Most, and Ethernet. XL driver libraries also support proprietary customer applications. In the process, users benefit from the product's support of 100 % bus load on all channels, minimal latency times and low CPU utilization of the host.


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Kvaser Sontheim