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Secure connected commercial vehicles

Lynx has announced that Lynxsecure has been ported to the Kontron Evotrac G103 in-vehicle rugged cellular and WiFi gateway. The rugged Intel Atom-based computing platform delivers connectivity for commercial and specialist vehicles.

The Evotrac G103 (Source: Kontron)

The connectivity capabilities offered by the Evotrac-G103 enable a range of in-vehicle management, remote access, and cloud-based applications for the automotive aftermarket, off-highway, and fleet management markets. device can be deployed to provide ready access to important information operators can use to keep drivers safe, lower fuel consumption, and effectively manage maintenance costs.

Lynxsecure leverages hardware virtualization to enable application developers to consolidate system functions onto platforms such as the Evotrac-G103. As well as to construct modular systems based on bare metal, real-time, and general-purpose operating system workloads. Unlike general purpose operating systems and hypervisors, Lynxsecure presents a minimal attack surface and offers the hardware-supported separation needed to ensure that, for example, the CAN interface and associated applications are safely and securely separated from the cellular interface.

The gateway features a WiFi and 4G Advanced Pro+ LTE module, and includes 64 GiB eMMC for onboard storage as well as optional fixed storage capacity. Kontron developed the product as an open-architecture building block platform that supports access to actionable information from its integrated dual Ethernet and dual CAN interface that supports the base frame format as well as the extended frame format, along with two USB 2.0 interfaces.

Commenting, Lee Cresswell, vice president of global sales at Lynx Software Technologies, said, “Lynx has been working with Ewas and Robert Bosch to deploy Lynxsecure as the safe and secure hypervisor foundation for the Etas RTA-VRTE software solution incorporating the Autosar adaptive platform standard. The availability of Lynxsecure on the Evotrac-G103 brings this automotive-grade technology, proven in Tier one ECU designs, to developers of innovative connected vehicle applications.”

Valentin Scinteie, Transportation Business Development Manager of Kontron added, “Our Evotrac G103 gateway provides vehicle engineers with significant computing performance and connectivity capabilities in a compact and rugged platform that has been tested for use in extreme conditions. In partnership with Lynx, we are able to deliver a software environment that enables applications that are every bit as rugged and well protected as our hardware – with secure separation delivering protection from malicious attack.”


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