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Upgrading lifts with emergency communication

Avire’s digital communications platform Ecosystem, upgrades any lift with emergency communication. One feature of the elevator emergency call system is the integrated CAN network connection for audio devices in cabin, shaft, and engine room.

Avire DCP is an EN81-28 compliant telephone system for up to four lifts, combining GSM gateway, emergency telephone, and M2M gateway in one device (Source: Avire)

With it’s Ecosystem, Avire offers a so-called “smart” way to fulfill the operational safety requirements of BetrsichV, which prescribes all elevators must be equipped with a two-way communication system for emergency calls by the end of 2020. The solution, which can be retrofitted, increases the safety of lift users while saving time and money for system operators. The non-proprietary system can be installed in no time and reduces testing as well as maintenance costs during operation, said the company.

The Avire Ecosystem makes lifts safer which particularly applies to the obligatory equipment of lifts with an emergency call system by 31 December 2020 according to BetrsichV. The heart of the system is the DCP (digital communications platform), which brings an EN81-28-compliant emergency call system into up to four lifts. For operation, an audio module can be attached to the cabin surface with just a few screws. The Avire Hub online platform integrates data from the various modules, simplifying operation and administration of the system. Measures such as test calls or technical alarms can be monitored remotely and comply with the applicable industry standards.

One feature of the elevator emergency call system is the integrated CAN network connection for audio devices in cabin, shaft, and engine room. Avire's DCP is a complete solution that combines the GSM module and emergency call system in a single unit. Data is used to reduce the amount of work during operation – for example, the number of on-site visits. The solution makes a routine call every 72 hours in order to comply with the legal obligation to regularly check the emergency call system. This automated call is directly routed to the call center or the reception desk in the building. Operators can also check the call station manually from a distance – even by e-mail or short message. The module is particularly suitable for elevators that are to be modernized with GSM or in case no fixed network is available.

In addition to the emergency call modules, other components of the Avire Ecosystem can be installed in existing and new elevators. The central communication platform DCP enables access to and evaluation of all data from the elevator. Information is exchanged via MK CAN network and conforms to EN81-28. The data is collected on the secure online platform Avire Hub which enables remote monitoring and configuration of the lift system. There is no longer a need for technicians to constantly drive to the systems to check their status, test alarms, or perform tests as this can be done centrally and remotely.


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