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Box PC

CAN controller or IoT gateway

Syslogic launched the embedded box PC OEM M-81, which integrates digital and analog I/O interfaces. This allows the connection to sensors or actuators. It is suitable as a gateway for IoT edge applications or for controlling CAN systems.

(Source: Syslogic)

With the embedded computer the company unveils the second device from the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) series. It is based on the OEM S-81, but also integrates digital and analog I/O interfaces. The computer can be connected to a variety of communication levels. The integrated I/O interfaces enable direct control of actuators and sensors. This makes the box PC suitable for automation applications. Due to two CAN interfaces (optionally also available with six), the box PC can also be used as a CAN controller. Accordingly, the device is used for monitoring or controlling vehicles, such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The product was certified according to DIN EN ISO 3691-4:2018, the standard for automated ground conveyors.

Due to the integrated Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and WiFi support, the device can also be used as an IoT (Internet-of-Things) gateway or data-logger. In addition to the input/output interfaces, a Mini PCI Express interface is available for system expansion. MicroSD or CFast cards can be connected to be used as storage media.

The fanless embedded computer is suitable for OEM manufacturers and system integrators who want to exploit the full potential of a smart embedded system in the IoT or CAN environment, said the company.

Syslogic delivers its embedded systems with a preconfigured operating system. To meet a variety of requirements, various Windows or Linux versions are available – above all, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC, and Debian 10. The company develops and manufactures its own embedded systems.


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