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CAN-to-mobile gateway

LTE gateway for IoT applications

Iotmaxx (Germany) introduced the Maxx GW 4100 4-G mobile radio gateway with a CAN interface.

Maxx GW 4100 4-G mobile radio gateway with two integrated SIM card slots (Source: Iotmaxx)

Due to the „always-online" functionality the device autonomously establishes a connection or reestablishes the connection in case of a failure. The two integrated SIM card slots provide mobile network operator redundancy. Received data is buffered in the internal memory of the gateway. Provided interfaces include CAN, Ethernet, USB, EIA-232, EIA-485, two analog I/Os, and an SD-card slot. A GNSS (global navigation satellite system) receiver is integrated as well.

Linux is used as the operating system. Programming of the gateway is possible in C, C++, and Python languages. Pre-defined or customizable programming functions are offered. A secure, encrypted connection with the device is possible via the VPN (virtual private network) from Openvpn. Thus, the gateway is accessible only by the authorized end user. The software updates for the Linux operating system, applications, and configurations are done via the company’s centralized “over-the-air” firmware update service. Appropriate antennas, power supply, connectors, and an optional security chip are available from the manufacturer.


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