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CAN-FD-to-USB interface

Supporting ISO and non-ISO CAN FD

Accurate Technologies (ATI) introduced the CANary FD interface connecting to a PC and allowing to acquire data via four CAN FD channels.

LEDs show power and communication status of CANary FD (Source: ATI)

CANary FD is a pocket-sized CAN interface for company's Vision (v. 5.2+) calibration and data acquisition system. The CAN FD channels are used to bridge data between ATI’s data acquisition hardware, electronic control units (using XCP or CCP), or other Vision-compatible CAN devices. The latter include company’s EMX data acquisition series and most third-party data acquisition modules.

The device communicates with the PC using the 480-Mbit/s USB interface and provides four CAN FD channels. Classical CAN as well as CAN FD according to ISO 11898:2015 and non-ISO CAN FD implementations are supported. The CAN FD data bit-rates up to 8 Mbit/s are possible. All channels are electrically isolated from the USB connection and have internal bus termination, which can be set or unset by the Vision system. The interface is powered via USB and also retains the features of its predecessor CANary.

The recently developed J2534/2-2019 API (application programming interface) allows usage of multiple CAN channels with third-party software applications and maintains support for the GMW17753 method.


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