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CAN-to-cloud gateway

Securing data transfer for IoT

Newtec’s (Germany) Ntsecuregateway 1000 family enables data transfer between production sites and the cloud. Recently, it received the FCC certification required for use in the USA.

Ntsecuregateway 1000 is available as an out-of-the box and as a hard-box solution (Source: Newtec)

Networked components, especially in IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 scenarios, must be protected against cyber-attacks. According to the manufacturer, the gateway technology ensures that the involved systems (machines, production lines, controllers, sensors) communicate securely with each other and with the cloud.

The platform enables real-time edge computing with data compression, buffering, and filtering. The security features include ARM Trustzone, tamper detection, secure boot, secure storage for keys and certificates, hardware encryption (AES, SHA), and the true random number generator (TRNG). For the connection of machines and devices the CAN, BLE (Bluetooth low energy), EIA-485 (Modbus), digital and analog I/Os, as well as Ethernet interfaces are available. Connection to the cloud is established via Ethernet or optionally wireless, for example via Narrowband IoT, Lora, or LTE (long term evolution) mobile radio network. The gateway is offered as an out-of-the-box full-stack networking solution that enables deployment in various IIoT applications, explained the company. Alternatively, the device is available as a hard-box solution.

Ntsecuregateway 1000 connectivity options (Source: Newtec)

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification was performed by an independent FCC-accredited laboratory. This certification is required for all wireless-technology devices to be used in the United States of America.


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