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Fleet management device

Forwarding J1939 data via 4G networks

Ultrack (Canada) has announced the J1939 CANbus Device gateway. It processes received J1939 messages and forwards the results to a fleet management system (FMS).

Ultrack’s gateway links wirelessly J1939 networks with an FMS (Source: Adobe Stock)

The introduced device does not require an additional data-logger. With external GPS antenna it features 4G connectivity and it has a built-in cellular antenna. Additionally, the gateway comprises four inputs, two outputs, two temperature sensor inputs, one camera for still images, and an SOS button. The device logs in real-time statistics such as: oil pressure, engine temperature, real-time physical location, fuel rate, engine speed at various points, vehicle speed at various points, and transmission data.

Ultrack’s CEO, Michael Marsbergen, stated: "Through continued engagement with our clients we have developed this product to meet their needs as vehicle data is a vital tool to enhance corporate profitability. Our hardware and software solutions provide a one-company solution to help these supply chains fulfill their roles on time and with significant fiscal savings". Marsbergen continued: "People have frequently asked me what the cost benefits and value of a product like this are for our clients. The answer is simple and the cost benefits are clear, through our gateway our clients have the ability to save money on fuel costs from unauthorized traveling, monitor, and handle vehicle functionality problems early on in order to also save money. Our products limit continued damage caused by unseen issues while also monitoring driver patterns such as hard braking, hard acceleration, and speeding."


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