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CAN-to-4G/LTE gateway

Platform-based managing of vehicle fleets

Globalmatix, Softing Automotive, and Softwarehelden developed a management solution for vehicle fleets. Via the xTCU CAN-to-4G/LTE gateway the collected vehicle data is sent to a cloud-based software platform.

Assisted Fleet Management is a joint product of Softwarehelden, Softing, and Globalmatix (Source: Softing)

The two Softing subsidiaries Globalmatix and Softing Automotive have decided to have a strategic cooperation with the digitalization expert Softwarehelden. Customers should benefit from the interaction of hardware and software solutions, said the companies. Softwarehelden supports Softing’s hardware solutions with their cloud-based software platform Cluu.

One joint product is the Assisted Fleet Management. The xTCU by Globalmatix turns a vehicle into a connected car, providing vehicle diagnostics in real time. Vehicle data is collected and made available to customers via the Cluu platform. For example, logbooks can be kept automatically and supplemented with data from the trip or diagnostic values along the route.

The multi-brand xTCU gateway is dedicated for car-to-cloud applications (Source: Globalmatix)

The xTCU telematics gateway is connected to the in-vehicle CAN networks. It captures position, inertia driving behavior, geofencing, and diagnostics data in a standardized, event-driven manner. The integrated CAN module includes two CAN interfaces using 11-bit and 29-bit CAN-Identifier as well as bit-rates up to 500 kbit/s. Supported diagnostic communication protocols include OBD (ISO 15031, SAE J1979), KWP 2000 (ISO 14230), UDS (ISO 14299) on K-Line (ISO 14230), the VW’s TP 2.0 (SAE J2819), and ISO TP (ISO 15765).

The gateway is always securely connected. The security and functional safety features include among others the CAN lock. This feature locks the read/write ability to or from CAN while the vehicle is moving. The car-to-cloud application is session based. A double authentication from the car to the chip and from the chip to the cloud is required. The gateway features the 180-MHz STM32F4 32-bit micro-controller with the ARM Cortex-M4 core. A 2-MiB flash and an 8-MiB RAM are integrated. The IP30-protected device dimensions 146 mm x 50 mm x 19 mm and weights 90 g. The power supply can vary from 7 VDC to 32 VDC and is backed by a 3,7-V battery. Operation temperature can range from -30 °C to +85 °C.


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