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Protocol converters with CAN

Protocol converters provide a communication interface between machines and their commander controls. Axiomatic Technologies provides a range of protocol converters with CAN-capability. This is a small overview.

Two of the CAN protocol converters of the company (Source: Axiomatic)

The protocol converter, AX141810, offers bidirectional data exchange between a CAN network (SAE J1939), EIA-485 (Modbus RTU), and Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP). The AX142150 also features bidirectional data exchange between a CAN network (SAE J1939), Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP), EIA-422, EIA-485, and EIA-232. It has power, link, and speed LED indicators.

The AX140900 CAN/Ethernet converter can be utilized for CAN monitoring, two-way remote CAN monitoring and synchronization as well as CAN extension over Ethernet applications. The AX032150 is a rugged controller with four digital signal inputs, SAE J1939 port, and Ethernet. It operates on 12-V/24-V battery power.

The AX140700, six port Ethernet switch, interfaces multiple Ethernet devices in a machine cab to the vehicle J1939 CAN network. The company, controls feature compliance for harsh environments with surges, load dump, power transients as well as exposure to dust, water, humidity, and vibration. The products pf the company are designed for utilization on outdoor machines. The AX032100 and AX029000 are I/O controllers with Ethernet for DIN rail mount machine applications in protective control panels.


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