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Controlling AUX-N functions from tractor VTs

The B-Isobus AUX-N Gateway from B-Plus is an Isobus gateway to control AUX-N functions which are provided by tractor VTs (virtual terminal) on non-Isobus switch and joystick human-machine interfaces (HMIs).

(Source: B-Plus)

The product is an element of the company’s Isobus control unit range for the operation of agricultural implements. With the B-Isobus AUX-N Gateway, B-plus offers access to the Isobus AUX-N functions provided by the job calculator on any CAN-based HMI control element. The buttons can be assigned directly on the universal terminal (UT) or virtual terminal. A range of joysticks and keypad control elements allows adjustment to the user’s application. Optionally, operating devices from other manufacturers can also be integrated. The Isobus connection can be connected within seconds without any tools using the Isobus Incab socket in the tractor cabin, explained the company. Other connection options can also be selected on a customer-specific basis.


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