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Converter to support automation

Axiomatic Technologies has developed the AX141530 CAN-to-Ethernet protocol converter to support automation on machines.

The converter is designed for the harsh environments of off-highway or industrial equipment (Source: Axiomatic)

The converter interfaces between CAN (29-bit extended frame format) and Automotive Ethernet (100 Mbit/s). It also has Power, Link, and Speed LED indicators and an IP67 rating which makes the product suitable for vibration and shock environments. The product comes with 12-V, 24-VDC input power for battery connection and two M12 connectors. It provides one CAN and one Ethernet port. Surge, reverse polarity, input overvoltage, and input undervoltage protection are supported. Commander and responder functionally are either factory set or can be configured. No packets are stored or modified in this device. Status LEDs provide information on connection link, and communication. J1939 is available as configuration port.

The company, also provides CAN-to-Wifi and CAN-to-Bluetooth converters for machine automation. The products feature compliance for harsh environments with surges, load dump, power transients as well as exposure to dust, water, humidity, and vibration. They are designed for utilization on outdoor machines.


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