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Innotrans 2022

CAN gateways for rolling stock

Rail vehicles are equipped with different network technologies including CAN networks. This requires gateways to Ethernet, MVB, and WTB, which were exhibited at the Innotrans tradeshow 2022.

Several trains are using CAN-based networks and other TCN (train communication network) technologies connected by means of gateways (Source: Innotrans)

TCN (train communication network) technologies are standardized in the IEC 61375 series. This includes CANopen (IEC 61375-3-3). Several companies exhibited TCN gateways with CANopen ports in Berlin at the Innotrans 2022. Some of these multi-purpose gateways provide just a CAN hardware port without a CANopen protocol stack. There are also TCMS units (train control and management system) featuring embedded gateway functionality supporting CAN and CANopen connections.

Duagon presented in Berlin its gateways dedicated for rolling stock, which can be connected to CANopen, Ethernet, MVB, and WTB networks as well as to Profinet. The company also supports cloud connectivity. Additionally, the product portfolio includes CompactPCI modules for CAN and CANopen as well as other TCN technologies. The supplied gateways are intended for greenfield as well as retrofit projects.

Mios Elettronica showed the RGWM1000 gateway featuring CANopen and J1939 ports. It complies with the EN 50155 standard as all other gateways intended for rolling stock applications. The product provides interfaces to MVB and WTB. The CPU (central processing unit) is based on Xilinx Zynq system-on-chip. The CAN interface is galvanic-isolated, which uses a 9-pin Dsub connector. Another on-board railway gateway is the MMGW7000, which supports additionally two Ethernet and two USB ports.

Of course, also CAN in Automation (CiA) members Selectron (a Knorr-Bremse brand), EKE, and Luetze exhibited gateways for rolling stock featuring CAN and CANopen connectivity. Another TCN gateway with CAN ports was presented by Amit, a Czech company. This company also manufactures panels and other HMI (human machine interface) units with CAN interfaces. This includes seat reservation displays with CANopen. The TCMS units supports also CANopen, MVB, WTB, and Ethernet.

The CiA booth at the Innotrans 2022 (Source: CiA)

Ingeteam presented its TSN gateway coming with WTB to CANopen connectivity. The product is compliant with EN 50155 and EN 355545-2 standards. The company also showed its train subsystem controller, which can be used to control air-conditioning, doors, toilets, etc. It provides a CAN interface to connect I/O modules and other devices.

CAN in Automation at the Innotrans

Besides some of its members, CiA was also part of the Innotrans with a booth. CiA engineers gave latest news on CAN (FD), CANopen (FD), and CAN XL. Interested parties visiting the booth, discussed their needs and demands with the CAN experts. CiA also distributed exclusively-printed CAN Newsletter magazine September issues on the stand.


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