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Dual 5G cellular router for rail industry

Urgroup (UK), a provider of digital train enhancements, has introduce to the UK rail industry the NB3800 cellular router manufactured by Net Module (a Belden company from the US). CAN comes as an expansion option.

The cellular router with CAN expansion option (Source: Urgroup/Net Module)

The product provides for example dual 5G radios, 4 Sims, and GNSS and is suitable for on-board mobile network data and voice communication for the off-train Mobile Comms Gateway (MCG) by Net Module. According to the provider, it is ideal for multiple on-board applications where support performance and security need to be of the highest standard. Wifi modules like the NB3800 cellular router can be used for passenger Wifi and for offloading data at the depot. The router platform offers numerous expansion options, one of them is CAN. The provider said, with SDK-based or virtualization-based programming, applications such as edge computing can be efficiently realized. In addition, 4x4 Mimo (multiple input multiple output) antennas can be retrofitted for future 5G product variants.


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