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CAN-to-WLAN interface offers radio chip with up to 75 % range

Kvaser (Sweden) announced their Blackbird version 2.0 CAN-to-WLAN interface. It can access hard-to-reach CAN networks and monitor a CAN network in motion for telemetry purposes. It also features a http based Rest API that responds to increased demand for iOS and Android applications.

A REST-BASED APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE (API) means that the product can be accessed from any tablet PC or smartphone. Based on a radio chip that is Wi-Fi certified and meets CE and FCC standards, it works in both Ad Hoc and Infrastructure mode.

“The Blackbird name is synonymous with speed, with any wireless link, data throughput depends on the attributes of the network itself, but the Blackbird v2 allows customers to relay CAN messages further and faster than previously possible using a Blackbird, thanks to additional IEEE 802.11n compatibility,” commented Lars-Berno Fredriksson, president of Kvaser. He added: “Some of our automotive customers use the Blackbird to monitor engine parameters wirelessly during on-track testing and race events, this will allow them to do so more consistently and efficiently than ever.”

Other features of the product are its galvanic isolation and its onboard memory, which helps the interface overcome potential interruptions to the connection during wireless disturbance. The device can transmit up to 15000 messages per second with a timestamp resolution of 25 µs. It is available now with free software, free software updates and free support.

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