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Data visualization via tablet

Data visualization via smartphone or tablet

Using Ipehub2, the Ipemotion app and a Wifi connection it is now possible to transfer CAN data to a smartphone or tablet. The app features graphical and alphanumerical data visualization.

CAN data is converted to Wifi and streamed to either a tablet or smartphone(Photo: Ipetronik)

WITHIN THIS SYSTEM FROM IPETRONIK (GERMANY), measurement projects can be monitored. Ipehub2 acts as CAN-Wifi-gateway with FIFO memory: two CAN data streams (ISO 11898-2), e.g. M-CAN network or vehicle bus, are converted to encrypted Wifi data and transferred to a tablet or smartphone running the app. Due to security reasons, the measurement data is not stored on the tablet or smartphone. Parallel to the wireless data transfer, traffic data is stored on the SD card FIFO. SSID and WPA2 are customer-specific and WPS function is also supported for initial setup. Data visualization type and extent (curve, bar graph, alphanumeric, LED) can be set via the app and the configuration of the app is done through an Ipemotion PC.

The gateway will be presented for the first time at the Messtec & Sensor Masters in Stuttgart from 25 May to 26 May. It features CAN with a software selectable termination resistor, encrypted transfer of configuration data (e.g. to the app), two multicolor LEDs that signal Wifi (signal strength) and data storage (memory usage), and an Access Point mode with DHCP server. It is enclosed in an aluminum housing (M2-Series) that offers IP54 and measures 106 mm x 43 mm x 62 mm at 360 g. It has a working temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C and a storage temperature range of -40 °C to +95 °C.

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