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Extended protocol support in automation system

The control systems of the automation system PSS 4000 by Pilz (Germany) can now also be integrated into existing CANopen or Ethercat communication networks via gateways. The gateways were presented at the SPS IPC Drives 2013.

THE PSSNET GW1 MOD-CAN GATEWAY features a CANopen (slave) interface according with CiA 301 V4.2.0. The bit-rate is gradually adjustable between 10 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s. The configuration can be adapted and extended via webserver; it's even possible to change the IP address. There is no need for an additional configuration tool and diagnostics can be performed via status LEDs on the device; more comprehensive diagnostics can also be performed via the webserver. On the web interface it is possible to display network data and enter values, enabling easier commissioning and simpler service. The gateway measures 96 mm x 22,5 mm x 114,3 mm. The gateway needs reduced engineering work due to fixed, predefined mapping.

With the automation system PSS 4000, control functions can be distributed directly to the periphery. This enables a centralized view of distributed automation structures. Users create a modular user program and therefore one project, through which all network subscribers are configured/programmed. Communication via the real-time Ethernet Safetynet p also facilitates interaction between individual components. Network subscribers communicate with each other automatically. Automation solutions can be implemented for both standard and safety. The system is physically mixed but free from feedback. Programmers and users can combine configuration with function blocks and programming with source code in EN/IEC 61131-3 compliant editors. A key element here is the software platform PAS4000 with its various editors and blocks. Standardized editors are available, which can be used for automation as well as safety-related tasks.

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